1 Hour OK Earthquake CE Course approved

September 5, 2014A.D. Banker & Company announces the approval of both Self-Study/Online and Webinar CE Courses that satisfy the Oklahoma Insurance Department's requirement for 1 hour of continuing education on the topic of Earthquake Coverage.   All resident agents, CSRs and Adjusters with a PROPERTY line of authority are required to complete at least 1 hour of Earthquake CE per renewal cycle--enforcement will begin January 1, 2015. 

This new 1 hour requirement is included in the current 24 hour CE requirement.  

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Continuing Education Courses are available in Classroom, Online, Self-Study and Live Webinars. Other CE course topics include: Anti- Money Laundering, Annuity Suitability, Adjuster, Long-Term Care Partnership, Ethics, Flood, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Navigators, and many more.

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