Georgia Now Requires 24 hours of CE with 3 Ethics!

May 5, 2014:  A.D. Banker & Company announces a statutory change in the Georgia Continuing Education requirement for insurance producers licensed fewer than 20 years.  This represents a change from the current requirement of 30 hours per biennium with 6 hours of ethics.

Effective for biennial license renewals on or after May 6, 2014, a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education is now required inclusive of 3 hours devoted specifically to the subject of ethics.  For resident licensees continually licensed for 20 years or longer, the minimum number of required CE hours is 20 (including 3 hours of ethics).

A.D. Banker & Company offers producers in Georgia a large selection of course topics that will meet this new requirement!  Continuing Education Courses are available in Classroom, Online, Self-Study and Live Webinars.  Other CE course topics include:  Anti- Money Laundering, Annuity Suitability, Adjuster, Long-Term Care Partnership, Ethics, Flood, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Navigators, and many more.

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